So, There Might Be A New ‘Mad Max’ Film Coming… Maybe

Caution: Take this story with a large helping of salt, and maybe some tequila.

The interwebs are currently awash in talks of a new Mad Max film on the horizon, potentially shooting as early as the end of this year! I know right, that’s soon. The reason for the scepticism is the source of the story The Herald Sun, Melbourne’s answer to The Daily Telegraph, isn’t exactly known for their film scoops (they’re no So, Is It Any Good?).

They’re reporting that George Miller is currently in pre-production here in Australia, that they’re planning on shooting at Broken Hill Studios (a location considered for Fury Road), and that it’ll focus entirely on Charlize Theron‘s character Furiosa in a prequel exploring her character’s backstory. I think it’s this last point that makes everyone sceptical of the report. This new film would be the first in the series to not focus on the title character, Max Rockatansky. There’s no doubt Furiosa was a compelling character, and Charlize knocked it out of the park in the role, but really, if Max isn’t in it, is it really a Mad Max film?charlize-theron-mad-max-fury-roadMiller has previously said that there are more sequels in the pipeline, but has also expressed his desire to direct a smaller movie before diving back into the intensive Max shoots, and who can blame him really?. Fury Road was an unqualified critical success, winning 6 Academy Awards, but wasn’t a complete runaway financial success – grossing $378 million worldwide off a budget of $150 million plus marketing – so it’s not a small ask to get Warner Bros. back in the driver’s seat for another race across the post-Apocalyptic plains.

Like I said, take this all with a grain of salt, but if the rumours are true, I’m as excited as this guy:mad-max-fury-road-guitar-player-doof-warriorMAD MAX 5 could potentially drive into theatres sometime in 2018.