With the release of The Hateful Eight we had the opportunity to sit down with the legendary director Quentin Tarantino to discuss his latest feature and future projects. While we only had a short period of time with him, he did reveal a few tidbits to us. Check out the video below.

He’s a film geek just like you or me, just a very high profile film geek. I was almost hesitant to attend the interview at first after hearing the stories that get flown around about the junkets with Tarantino going sour, so to speak.  As you can see however, he was a pleasure. His tales on the process of writing were an interesting look into how his writing gets from the page to the screen. As for his next film, who knows, but there certainly hasn’t been too much information going around on what he plans to do next. So to think that it could be set here in Australia is extremely exciting.

Quentin Tarantino has previously stated that he used to stalk Brian De Palma’s films, often seeing the first session possible. De Palma is the king of the period film, especially mob style action films. So it would be fitting to see Tarantino follow in his footsteps and take on a gangster film in the vein of The Untouchables or Lawless.

THE HATEFUL EIGHT is in cinemas now across Australia

*Thanks to our fan, Rhett Martin for the final question, it was a ripper.