Zero F**ks Are Given In The Trailer For ‘De Palma’

Filmmaker Brian De Palma has had quite the career, with diverse films such as Carrie, Scarface and Blow Out just a few of the many classics to his name. Now in the twilight of his career, and with nothing left to prove, the veteran director is drawing upon nearly fifty years of experience in the film business in a tell all documentary, simply titled De Palma.

Check out the trailer above!de-palma-only-shotYou gotta admit, the seventies were a damn good time to be a director in Hollywood, and you get the feeling from watching this trailer that De Palma clearly misses the days when he and other famous director pals including Coppola, Lucas and Scorsese were given the freedom to experiment within the Hollywood system. This was of course before the age of the mega blockbuster, when franchises were an unknown quantity and original ideas were given the attention they deserved.

The expression “warts and all” gets used a lot in the film documentary genre, but judging from this trailer its clear De Palma hasn’t pulled any punches. The doco is as much about the current state of the industry as it is an illuminating look at what many consider to be the true golden age of American cinema.

De Palma is yet to receive an official release date in Australia, but will most likely be available on iTunes later in the year.