What’s in the Box – Movie Collectables

What’s in the Box is a weekly feature where we take a look at all the new collectables in the world from Hot Toys to Mattel, Sideshow Collectables to Hasbro. all the collectables you could imagine, all to fit into the Man Cave (or Lady Cave….that sounds weird…sorry) of your dreams.

Here we are again, another week another set of collectables to check out. This week is one of the best for toys and collectables as Toy Fair 2016 just finished over the weekend and with that coming to an end we have tons of new collectables to look at. First up…

 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

William S Preston and Ted Theodore Logan

These 8 inch figures are produced by NECA. They come with fabric clothes and electric guitars. Why the face sculpts are exactly true to life like you might get from Hot Toys, they are pretty good for there size and you can definitely tell who they are. I really like the detail that went into making the clothes, the stickers on Ted’s pants are spot on and the fact that they come with the time travel telephone box is perfect.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Wyld Stallyns Clothed Action Figure Box Set will be released in June 2016

Home Alone Set

Kevin McCallister, Marv and Harry

I never thought I’d see the day where we’d get a set of action figures for the Home Alone movies but I am not upset about it because these look awesome. Once again from the hands of NECA toys these highly accurate figures are based on Home Alone from 1990 and feature the likenesses of its main cast. I’m not going to lie, but I would buy the entire family if they were available. Imagine Uncle Frank with his real crystal salt and pepper shakers and Old Man Marley with his salt bin full of dead bodies. I’d even buy Buzz’s unfortunate looking girlfriend given the chance.

Home Alone 8″ Clothed Figure – Set of 3 are due out August 2016

Avengers 1:1 Scale Props

Iron Man Helmet and Captain America’s Shield

Put down the cardboard and stop putting hours upon hours into these pepakura files. Hasbro has revealed that they are entering the Cosplay market and releasing 1:1 scale, highly detailed props. First of the racks are these fantastic Iron Man and Captain America products. I’m really digging these, the detail that appears to be in the Iron Man helmet I second to none. With light up LED eyes and a removable face plate, this is sure to be a hit at the next convention. The Captain America shield appears to be slightly off from screen accuracy with missing the beveled star however that is substituted by the great looking grips on the back, a far step away from the stretch fabric you might see on a Rubies version.

Well, that’s it for this week. If there is something you’d love to see us cover, let us know in the comments section below. Until next week, keep checking those toy shelves.