What To Watch This Weekend – May 11-14

With so much grabbing for your attention and dollars these days, it’s easy to miss when the latest releases are heading to a cinema near you. So come back every week as we here at So, Is It Any Good? preview the new movies hitting screens, and give you the lowdown on what to watch this weekend.

As we head into the new weekend, you might be tempted to step back into Ridley Scott’s horror-filled space odyssey Alien: Covenant, get lost in Paradise with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn when they get Snatched or relive a life and career lost too soon with I Am Heath Ledger.

Here’s what to watch!

Alien: Covenant

Rating: MA15+

Starring: Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, Danny McBride, James Franco

Synopsis: The crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, the survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.



Why you should care: After Ridley Scott dipped his toe back into the Alien waters with the poorly received Prometheus, hopes weren’t high for the continuation of the franchise. But lo and behold, here we are five years later staring at more terrifying space adventures. This looks to have more of the feel and attitude of the original Alien and it’s first sequel, and that can only be a good thing. At some point, you’ve just got to trust in a master craftsman like Scott, don’t you?

Who should see it: Moviegoers who enjoy a good (face) hug


Rating: MA15+

Starring: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Ike Barinholtz

Synopsis: After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) persuades her ultra-cautious mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn) to travel with her to paradise. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda realise that working through their differences as mother and daughter – in unpredictable, hilarious fashion – is the only way to escape the wildly outrageous jungle adventure they have fallen into.



Why you should care: Two funny ladies that might be stuck in something that is well below their talents. As much as it pains me to say it, this doesn’t look great, especially considering they usually put the best stuff in the trailers. It’s great to see Goldie back on screen, and Schumer is always a welcome voice, but it’ll be the charm of these two ladies alone that’ll carry this one.

Who should see it: Mothers and daughters

I Am Heath Ledger

Rating: MA15+

Starring: Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Emile Hirsch, Ang Lee

Synopsis: I Am Heath Ledger is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger: actor, artist, and icon. The documentary provides an intimate look at Heath Ledger through the lens of his own camera as he films and often performs in his own personal journey.



Why you should care: An amazing career was tragically cut short by some poor choices, but Ledger deserves to be celebrated, and here you have a direct line to the people who knew him best and the man himself through never before seen home videos. One for the true fans

Who should see it: Ledger lovers

So, what’s getting your hard earned dollars? Are you in for the Alien franchise resurrection, the mother-daughter misadventure, or the Ledger look back? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you’ve watched, and if it’s any good!