Though Gal Gadot is yet to make her big screen debut as Wonder Woman in DC’s upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, news is coming in fast from the set of the follow up Wonder Woman movie, with Warner Bros. reportedly casting Danish actress Connie Nielsen in the role of the DC Icon’s mother, Hippolyta.


Nielsen, who is no stranger to a period piece, is best known for her role as the Roman Empress, Lucilla in Gladiator, with more recent credits including story arcs in Fox’s The Following and CBS’s The Good Wife. Though early speculation put both Nicole Kidman and Robin Wright in the role, scheduling conflicts ruled Kidman out and Wright has reportedly taken on a different role in the film. There is no word yet as to how big a role Hippolyta will have in the film, with Nielsen’s dramatic credits, there’s no doubt that she will have the presence for the role.


The movie, which began shooting in the UK and Italy in November includes Chris Pine as Wonder Woman’s love interest Captain Steve Trevor, Danny Huston, David Thewlie and Ewan Bremner and while the full story of Princess Diana’s (aka Wonder Woman) movie hasn’t been revealed, it’s rumoured to include parts of several different DC storylines, with Chris Pine recently revealing one of those storylines is set during World War I, complete with an amazing set design and several hundred extras in historically accurate costumes.

WONDER WOMAN is slated to hit theatres in June 2017.