The Uncharted movie, based on the hit video game franchise, is about to become more dangerous with Heisenberg and Zordon himself, Bryan Cranston being considered for a key role according to Screenrant.

Bryan Cranston

Cranston’s role is yet to be identified although based on his physical appearance he could easily play Nathan Drake‘s mentor Sully, but that is pure speculation at this point. A highly versatile actor capable of many roles, it would not be surprising if Cranston was cast as a major villain in the film either. Cranston is no stranger to movies based off pop culture franchises, landing roles Power Rangers and Godzilla. While many of these films have been panned, Cranston’s characters always stand out steal the scenes.

nathan drake sully

Nathan Drake with his mentor Sully

Uncharted has been in development by Sony for years, with various directors and actors attached to the film with little forward progress. It seems that has now changes as news started circulating earlier this year that production is well under way, with Tom Holland being cast to play the young Nathan Drake. This makes total sense as the film is likely to be a franchise and casting young actor in the role would be a smart move as they can age naturally as the series progresses. Shawn Levy of Stranger Things fame is set to direct the film. The film is set to explore a young Nathan Drake and his adventures serving as a prequel to the video games, outlining how he became the globe trotting adventurer gamers love.

Regardless of what Cranston’s role is within the film, his name will certainly be drawing power that brings hope to fans of the franchise. Here’s hoping the news remains positive and does fall to the video game movie curse and turns more into a modern Indiana Jones. Nathan Fillion cast as an adult Nathan Drake would also help, just saying.