The Ultimate Final Girl Returns – Jamie Lee Curtis Is Back For New ‘Halloween’

Never believe a death in a horror franchise. Even after she met her end in the sequel Halloween: ResurrectionJamie Lee Curtis is returning for another go-round with Michael Myers in the Halloween reboot to be directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express).

Curtis tweeted out the news, along with the first look at her and her creeper brother, waxing nostalgic for the iconic role of Laurie Strode that she has reprised in now 7 Halloween sequels or reboots:

If the death and resurrection of Laurie Strode is over-taxing your brain a bit, take note that according to sources, the new Halloween will be a direct sequel to Halloween II (1981), so disregarding everything from Season Of The Witch to Resurrection, which will make the continuity and timeline of the series almost as confusing as the X-Men series!

Universal announced that the somewhat off-beat choice of Green and comedian Danny McBride (Eastbound And Down) had pitched a totally new take on the well-worn franchise. Green is directing, with horror master and original Halloween writer/director John Carpenter executive producing the film. This will be the second reboot of the franchise, following the polarizing work of Rob Zombie’s two films, and the 11th movie in the series.

HALLOWEEN is slated to stalk into theatres in October 2018.