So another childhood toy is being made into a movie.  I’m looking at you G.I. JoeThe Lego Movie, The Smurfs, Transformers, Jem And The Holograms, even Battleship.  Michael Bay is threatening us with a 5th Transformers movie and there’s even talks of He-Man returning to the big screen.  I imagine a Hungry, Hungry Hippos movie is already in pre-production (I had to check that it wasn’t, just to make sure).

For what little is known about this movie, it looks like it may have more than a few things in common with The Smurfs – small creatures (some even blue) being hunted by a giant nemesis.  I’ll reserve judgement until I see a full trailer, but the most intriguing thing about Trolls is the cast.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag but as most of them have a singing background, they’re bound to belt out a few annoyingly catchy tunes. I’ve included pictures of them with each of their characters below.  I’m most looking forward to hearing James Corden in action as he excelled in The Gruffalo.

TROLLS will invade cinemas November 2016

Justin Timberlake is Branch
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Anna Kendrick is Poppy
James Cordon is Biggie
FB 2
Kunal Nayyar is Guy Diamond
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Gwen Stefani is DJ Suki
Russell Brand is Creek
Icona Pop are Fashionistas
GloZell is Grandma Rosiepuff
Ron Funches is Cooper
Ron Funches is Cooper
Meg DeAngelis is Moxie