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When we can drag ourselves away from enjoying a flutter at Red Flush Online Casino, there’s few better ways to spend a couple of hours than enjoying a quality heist flick. Sure it can take a little effort once in a while, after all the temptation to play free slot games at Red Flush Canadian casino is always a go-to; but here’s a run through of some of the best heist movies ever created.

10 – Bonnie & Clyde

Where would a Top Ten Heist movie pick be without this? An absolute classic retelling of the famed bank robbers, it’s one of those few movies which rank into the perfection league. The chemistry between Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway makes for a special on-screen chemistry.

9 – The Italian Job

The 2003 remake wasn’t bad, but the Michael Caine led 60’s caper is without question an iconic film. Not only is there a glorious heist – where nobody gets hurt – but also an array of stylish cars, suits and very impressive scenery. Top class!

8 – Die Hard

A bitter cop visiting his ex’s Christmas party, just to get held up by a gang of super villains – and no shoes! Timeless, and perfectly cast with the late Alan Rickman superbly playing the part of the thinking man’s baddie. The rest of the series wasn’t bad, but it’s always difficult to chase perfection.

7 – The Usual Suspects

It’s a tricky one to describe because I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises that feature throughout this timeless classic. Just to say it’s the most opaque heist movie ever made – a certifiable classic, with pretty much-unlimited re-watch potential. There’s something new every time.

6 – Inception

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional break from reality, and this movie really takes it into a different league. Mind scanning, super-human strengths and an all too difficult to follow plot line makes no difference as this is a quality popcorn and soda watch. Smart suits too!

5 – Heat

Bank robberies don’t get much more dangerous than this. Widely acclaimed as a masterpiece of both action and character study, it’s difficult to decide who is the most dangerous participant in this story. It’s a must see for any fans of sublime modern drama.

4 – Jackie Brown

Perhaps the most underrated heist thriller on this list. Jackie is an air hostess eventually caught trafficking money. Will she take the plea bargain on the table, or stay loyal to her hated but incredibly cool boss? Or just steal everything and run away?

3 – Heist

Take Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito – add a world class script and a story line which keeps you guessing all the way through – result is a classic thriller. It’s clear that the two cinematic greats play from each other’s natural stage presence, most certainly not one to miss.

2 – Reservoir Dogs

Pretty much as iconic as 90’s movies come, this flick stand out for a series of masterful performances. Right up until the end you’re wondering who the real villain is in a pack of dodgy characters. Tarantino at his career defining best.

1 – Oceans 11

A heist staged in a casino – sign me up! Fact is that this is a classic heist movie, and one which goes into unexpected lengths to explain the back stories of the anti-heroes. The sequels may have devalued the franchise a little, but the original is a certifiable classic of the genre.

Well that’s all for our Top Ten this week! Is there a Top Ten you’d love to see? Let us know in the comments below!