Top 10: Tom Hardy Movies

Tom Hardy is one sensational actor. He is one of the few people who can fully embody a character, to a point where you forget you’re watching Tom Hardy. This is our list of Tom Hardy’s top 10 performances.

#10. Bronson

Hardy embodies the larger than life career criminal Charles Bronson in a film by Nicolas Winding Refn. It follows Bronson as he is sentenced to seven years in jail for robbing a post office, but will actually spend over 3 decades in solitary confinement.  This movie is crazy, literally. The off-putting and often bizarre narrative from Hardy is the perfect way to tell a story of a man who is in reality, clinically insane.

#9. The Drop

This was the late great James Gandolfini‘s final film before his untimely death, as he passed away one month after filming had been completed. Hardy’s character Bob works in a drop bar for the mob, and unfortunately for Bob, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time as it is robbed. Hardy is in his element in this movie; his mannerisms and personality shine through for a character that has little dialogue until he reveals himself at the end.

#8. This Means War

It’s a very rare occasion that you will see Tom Hardy in a romantic comedy. This is essentially a buddy comedy as he also stars alongside Chris Pine, who play two covert CIA agents trying to woo the same woman. Don’t let the genre scare you, Hardy brings the lols in nearly every scene he is in. The revenge plots they plan on each other are nothing short of hilarious. Hardy steals the show with his paintball scene, where he takes on a battalion of little kids while trying to impress Reese Witherspoon who thinks he is too “safe” and not very adventurous.

#7. Lawless

This movie is set in the times of bootlegging, gangsters, and an eye brow-less Guy Pearce. It is based on the true story of the Bondurant Brothers, who ran the bootlegging in Virginia. Hardy’s character Forrest Bondurant, is nothing short of intimidating, his large build and signature Hardy brooding is enough to send chills down your spine. Hardy appears quite lazy in this film, his slow speech and tendency to always be sitting in scenes for the first half of the movie, is all of a sudden turned on its head whenever he decides to get up out of his chair and fight someone. He is quite brutal when he goes toe to toe, donning his brass knuckles as you hear the skulls crack on impact.

#6. Locke

If you liked Ryan Reynolds in Buried, then you will love this movie. 95 percent of this film is just Hardy driving from point A to point B. What keeps you watching though is the intrigue to where he is going, and why he is going there. The only real communication he has with other characters is via phone calls that he constantly gets throughout his journey. It’s extremely captivating to watch and the twist at the end is surely something you want to see.

 #5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Don’t hate on me for having this at number 5… I have my reasons. I loved this movie, a lot. The visuals and jaw-dropping action scenes were nothing short of brilliant. However, whenever Hardy spoke I had a very hard time trying to figure out if he was Australian, British, or American. I feel like a few extra weeks with a dialect coach would have helped him capture the iconic Australian character even more than he did.

#4. The Dark Knight Rises

The third and final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy has Hardy terrorizing Gotham City as the brutally strong masked man, Bane. Hardy pulled out all the stops for this movie. Having your face covered and only being able to act with eye expressions is something not many people can say they can do. This is the reason why Nolan cast Hardy in this role, having previously worked with him on Inception, Nolan already knew what he was capable of. Although, I still get a little confused with what he says sometimes.

#3. Black Hawk Down

I’m putting this at #3 because without it, I highly doubt we would have Tom Hardy as the actor that he is today. Ridley Scott cast Hardy as Twombley, one of the Rangers sent into Mogadishu to secure the area while they extract some very important people. It was Hardy’s feature film debut, and what makes this film so unique and the reason why I have it so high on the list is that Hardy was also struggling with a cocaine addiction at the time. Even though it is not a major role, it was a major role for Hardy as it catapulted him into Hollywood.

#2. Legend

What’s better than one Tom Hardy on screen? Two Tom Hardys on screen. Hardy pulls double duty here as he plays the Cray Twins, Reggie and Ron. Based on the true story of gangsters from London in the 1960’s who have plans to take over the city with brutal violence and a little help from the American Mafia. Reggie is undoubtedly the brains of the two twins, always putting business first. Whereas Ron is the unhinged paranoid schizophrenic sociopath who would rather do business with his fists.

#1. Warrior

Oh man, I frigging love this movie. I consider this the Rocky of the UFC. Hardy plays Tommy Riordon, a war veteran who enters a mixed martial arts tournament to win prize money so he can send it to his dead best friends family. This movie is not just about MMA, the core of this film is family. Tommy has an estranged father who was an alcoholic, and a brother who left him when he was 16. Tommy struggles to accept either of them back in his life, as he only wants to do best by his fallen friends family. He fights with brutal fury knocking everyone out in his path on the way to victory.Tom Hardy

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