Alejandro G. Inarritu (Oscar winner for last year’s Birdman) and Leonardo Dicaprio (you might have heard of him) have given us our first glimpse of their ambitious new film. Check it out…

This movie already had me intrigued before I’d seen a single frame, but this trailer has officially blown me away. It looks like Inarritu is determined to make things as real as possible, even going as far as using only natural light during filming. And by the look of some of those action sequences, the supremely talented DP Emmanuel Lubezki could be up for his third straight Oscar for Best Cinematography.

For details on the film’s plot, here’s a word from the director himself…

“This is the adventure of a man who survived the unimaginable through a long exterior journey to seek revenge and an inner journey to understand and recover all that he has lost.  I wanted to tell the story without relying on special effects. I spent five years searching for the most powerful and unexplored landscapes, where we shot using only natural light on the rocky terrain of the remote wilderness of Canada, for a long period of time to evoke a very visceral response for the viewers.”

The Revenant is due for release in January 2016. An Australian release date has yet to be set.