We’ve already been given a few tastes of director Shane Black’s latest motor mouthed comedy The Nice Guys, and now Warner Bros. have dropped the final trailer for the film. Check it out above.

To be fair, I’m not sure we all needed to see yet another trailer for this film, as half the fun of a Shane Black movie is hearing his zinging lines of dialogue for the first time, and frankly I was already sold on the whole thing anyways. Thankfully I get the feeling there is still much that has been held back from the final product, which looks to be a spiritual cousin to Black’s own film noir comedy classic, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.the-nice-guys-trailer3Personally I’m enjoying this less serious path Ryan Gosling’s career seems to be taking of late, and it’s great to see ‘Our Rusty’ letting his hair down and gut hang out in probably his most overtly comedic role yet. The Nice Guys looks like it will deliver what we hoped last year’s Inherent Vice would: a genuinely fun period comedy told through the smoky haze of 70s Los Angeles.

THE NICE GUYS hits Australian cinemas on May 26