Denzel in a movie that involves him using weapons to lay down some pain. Count me in!

It’s not only easy to review a good movie its a damn pleasure. The Equalizer is directed by Antoine Fuqua, you may not remember the name but this guy gave us the best action movie of last year, heck maybe even the best action movie of the last decade “Olympus Has Fallen” now don’t get me wrong its not the best all round movie but its action is something that Hollywood has just lost in recent times. Did i mention that Fuqua also directed Training Day old mate Denzel Washington’s best movie. lock these two champions in a room and you’ll no doubt get one title match that will bring down the house. case and point.

So is it any good? Did you read the above?… How could it not be.


The Equalizer is straight up a revenge type action/thriller, some hoggies do some wrong doing to a seemingly helpless guy, low and behold helpless guy is the president bad ass. all hell breaks loose. The Equalizer doesn’t just pull the clichés out of the old rag box. no sir. we see some amazing action sequences that will take some time to out do. for example one part of the movie involves 6 guys in a room and Denzel timing himself to kill everyone in under 10 seconds.The-Equalizer-29-Marton-Csokas-

By no means is The Equalizer a well written and thought provoking movie. the plot is obvious, the villains are over the top. and the character development is basically non existent. But if you expected any different then you are a fool. Just grab some damn popcorn fling off the work shoes and kick back for 2 hours of intense action.