Welcome to the first installment of “The Cutting Room Floor.” A post for all the little bits and pieces from the past week, that didn’t make the cut to have their own post.

    • Independence Day Resurgence gets a tease
    • First look at the new Chris Farley Doco
    • Back To The Future 30th anniversary celebration
    • A kick-arse Die Hard Boxset
    • An alternate Goosebumps trailer
    • Harry Potter, the receptionist?
    • A couple of Trainwreck Featurettes
    • Awesome Superhero Dogs illustrations
    • The first ASH Vs Evil Dead trailer


This week we start off with the first look at Independence Day Resurgence. Jeff Goldblum posted the first teaser on his newly created Facebook page.
We’ve had 20 years of peace. Now we must prepare to fight again. #IDR

 We thought we wiped them out. The Resurgence is here. #IDR

– – –

Next we have a documentary about Chris Farley. The documentary will be doing the rounds in the theaters in the US, and airing on Spike TV, but I can pretty much guarantee we will not be seeing it in any capacity over here other than online or via a streaming service.

More information can be found at the films website 

– – –

Last week was the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future, and to celebrate the landmark the people over at Joblo posted a tribute video looking back at the making of and the stories behind the film.

And here is a video of Marty, Doc and Lorraine together in London last week discussing the movies and some of their favourite memories.

And finally the best piece of news to come out of the 30th anniversary is this box set due out the same date Marty and Doc arrive in the future October 21, 2015

More info on the release over at Back To The Future

– – –

In other Blu ray news, we have a new box set for Die Hard movies. In what is one of the most unnecessary yet amazing pieces of packaging ever, you can now buy your own Nakatomi Plaza.
It is set for release on October 13 in the USA with a pre-order available at Fox Connect

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Earlier in the week, we posted the first trailer for Goosebumps. The studio has released an international trailer that sheds a little bit more light on the film, including a shot of Slappy the Dummy, and a few more one-liners from Jack Black

– – –

Although not technically news, someone has compiled just about every scene of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, and put them into chronological order. It’s an interesting look at what his intentions were throughout the series…and to state the obvious, SPOILER ALERT, although if you haven’t seen the movies by now, you deserve to have it ruined.

And while we’re on the topic of Harry Potter, here is Daniel Radcliffe trying his hand as an office secretary for an hour and doing horribly.

– – –

With only a few more weeks until Trainwreck with Amy Schumer comes out, the studio has released a few videos along with a quick featurette.

Check out the rest of the videos on the So, Is It Any Good Youtube.

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For the dog lovers out there, an artist by the name of Josh Lynch has drawn a series of pictures of dogs depicting superheroes.
Check out all the pictures over at Geek Tyrant 

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And lastly! I couldn’t help but share the trailer for the new ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. This will be a television show, which we don’t typically cover, but it’s just so damn good!

Well, that’s it for this week, if there is anything you think we missed let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week for more Cutting Room Floor