Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is In The Can!

That’s a wrap! Star Wars: The Last Jedi is officially in the can and ready for its December release. While it might seem like it’s cutting it a little close, remember that Justice League had been recently reshooting elements of the movie, and that comes out it November!

Director Rian Johnson announced  Thursday on Instagram that The Last Jedi has wrapped its post-production:

Aside from being adorable, it also brings a nice bit of calm to the recently upended Star Wars universe, following the walkouts or firings of Colin Trevorrow from Episode 9 and Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the Han Solo project. Not that Jedi has been without its rough patches though, the cast and crew were reeling last December after the sudden loss of Carrie Fisher, throwing their production schedule (and our hearts) for a loop. But they managed to weather the storm, and finishing everything on such a VFX heavy enterprise almost 3 months early is no small feat!starwars-thelastjedi-bts-sizzlereel-johnson-pool-caveThe conclusion of production means that we’ll more than likely be getting a new trailer soon, which fans have been clamouring for since receiving their first taste at the Star Wars Celebrations back in April. Last Jedi star and professional troll Mark Hamill seems to know that a new trailer is coming, tweeting this (since deleted):

Mark Hamill tweet Star Wars

In this climate of over-hyping and over-promoting, I’m enjoying the slow release strategy of the Jedi crew, although I know once we hit November we’ll be drowning in marketing spots. Is it too much to ask for one new trailer and then nothing else?

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is released December 14, 2017.