[Spoiler] Added Last Minute To Suicide Squad

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to know nothing more about Suicide Squad before it’s released, DO NOT read any further. You’ve been warnedDo.harley_quinn-suicide_squad-movie-margot_robbie-girl-1920x1080If you thought that the highly anticipated Suicide Squad could not possibly be more stacked with characters, it seems that you would be mistaken. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that in an effort to connect the DC film with it’s burgeoning cinematic universe, they’ve added yet another superhero.

So which spandex clad hero is making an appearance in the room full of villains? That’d be none other than The Flash (aka. Barry Allen) played by Ezra Miller, who has shot scene for the film. In what capacity he’ll be appearing will be revealed when the movie opens in a couple of days, but until then let’s just speculate shall we? There has already been a pretty much guaranteed (but not confirmed) cameo from the Batfleck himself in the movie, so the inclusion of The Flash as well seems to indicate the continued seed sewing for the Justice League movie. The Reporter seems to indicate that it was just a scene for the movie, indicating a potentially fleeting cameo, which seems apt for the speedy character. From what we’ve seen of Justice League, the character of Barry Allen will fit in with the lighter tone of Squad too.ezra-miller-barry-allen-flash-justice-league-trailerThe film has started screening for critics this week (we’ll be reviewing it soon), so we’ll be getting a good idea of what we’re in for when it bows August 4th.

SUICIDE SQUAD is in theatres Thursday.