Was Solo Completely Reshot?

The drama behind the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story (the most creative title) has been no secret. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were famously outed by Kathleen Kennedy and replaced with Ron Howard. Lord and Miller apparently made a comedy film, deviating from the set script. Howard was brought in to get the film to “stay on target”. 

Since joining the project back in June, we expected Howard to be picking up reshoots and course correcting the remainder of filming. That may not have been the case.

With a production time that has gone over 16 weeks (compared to the norm of around 12), some are suggesting the entire film has been reshot.

Reports are suggesting that the re-shoots have doubled the budget of the project. While we don’t know the exact figure, a guess of $150-200 million would be accurate. Double that, add in the cost of marketing once it begins, and you’re looking at a production cost of around $600 million (possibly).

Consider that Rogue One barely made it into the billion dollar box office club, it seems like Solo may have an uphill battle to recovering the budget. It is certainly doable, and I believe the Star Wars brand alone will do it, but I have my doubts if it will reach one billion.

Factor in the release date of May 25, 2018 – a mere 7 months away – and the fact that we haven’t seen a shred of marketing yet. Besides the occasional set photo from Howard or the title announcement video, the main news about this film has been the negative stuff. I believe a trailer, at the earliest, won’t come until after The Last Jedi hits in December. But that’s just a theory.ron-howard

Director changes, reshoots, dropped cast members; what do you think of the solo Solo story? Will it go down as the movie that made the billion dollar club in less than twelve parsecs or will it crash in an asteroid field? Sound off in the comments and on our Facebook page.

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