Shazambles! The Rock No Longer Attached To Shazam?

Shazam!, one of the most anticipated movies in the DCEU is set to start production in February 2018. While the title character of Billy Batson/Captain Marvel/Shazam is yet to be announced, fans are clamouring for more information about the character whose history almost matches that of Superman. In fact, during the 60’s the character was arguably more popular than the Man of Steel himself.

A Rocky Start

One of the biggest announcements made regarding the film was the casting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Shazam’s arch nemesis, Black Adam. In fact, there is already talks of a spin-off film for the villain. There’s no doubt DC and Warner Bros are cashing in on the size and popularity of The Rock with this casting. However, there is now talks of Johnson not even being a part of the film due to his commitments to filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise at the same time. According to Newsrama, renowned writer of The Wrap, Umberto Gonzales first broke the story on his Twitter account about the production start with Variety reporter Justin Kroll questioning Johnson’s involvement.

While it would be blow for DC and Johnson not to appear in the film, after all The Rock announced he would be the villain in 2004, it’s not all bad. Captain Marvel has a rich history of villains to work with and plague his cinematic debut like Doctor Sivana, Mister Mind, Captain Nazi and the Monster Society of Evil. The Black Adam spinoff could end up being a good alternative to keep Johnson involved in the DCEU and develop the character of Adam before the inevitable conflict with Shazam!.Little else is known about the film currently other than it having a 2019 release date. There are rumours of David Sandburg directing the film but nothing is confirmed as yet. I’m sure with San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, we can expect more Shazam! news and casting announcements with production so close to commencing.