The Scrapped ‘Jurassic Park’ Animated Series

When Jurassic Park first opened its doors, audiences were blown away by its special effects and life-like dinosaurs. It was like every boys dream had come true. At the time Universal executives wanted to make as much money from the merchandising rights as they possibly could.

Toys, lunch boxes, drink bottles – you name it, if there was a opportunity to get the Jurassic Park brand on it, Universal was all over it. After milking the cow dry Universal looked towards other avenues to expand the name, and children’s television was the oblivious choice. With cartoons like The Real Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice already massive hits with the kids, making a half hour Jurassic Park animated series was like buying a whole new cow.

YouTuber Chris Cross Media has created this in depth look at the production and later cancellation of the Jurassic Park Animated Series.

The 90’s were full of great cartoons based on movies, shows like Jumanji, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures and the ones mentioned above. It’s a shame that one of the Jurassic Park series never saw the light of day.

Here are closer look at the concept art for the series courtesy of Artist William Stout

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