POWER RANGERS Sequel Cancelled?

Sometimes reboots make a tonne of money. Sometimes they make pennies and the studios rethink their lives and move on. This is what is happening with the new Power Rangers franchise. With the film leaving cinemas this week, it’s clear that the world just didn’t want another group of “Teens with Attitude”.

Having only made $136 Million Worldwide on a budget of $100 Mill, the film is looking at taking a massive loss. While it does seem like it made $36 Million, you have to double the film’s budget to include the marketing of the film.

We gave Power Rangers a big yes here at ‘So, Is It Any Good?’ but other outlets weren’t so generous. Currently, it’s certified “Rotten” at Rotten Tomatoes with at 47% critic score and 44% at Metacritic. So where does this leave the franchise? Well, let’s look at other potential franchise films and their impromptu cancellation.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 and the Spider-Man Spin-off films

Planned sequels, Spin-offs and a freaking Aunt May film on the way all boiled down to Amazing Spider-Man 2 not making enough money at the bank and critics panning it. Which resulted in Sony planning to reintroduce the character to the MCU and rebooting the films once again.

Terminator: Genisys Trilogy

Arnold was back, James Cameron said it was great, the trailers looked fun but again no one went to see it and the movie tanked. While there is talk of a new film on the horizon with James Cameron back on as producer it won’t be a continuation of this iteration of the cyborg killing machine.


Sony should of just cut their losses when the trailer was the worst rated trailer of all time. The film stood no chance and Sony had the balls to say that this was the beginning of a “Marvel-style universe”. Now officially this series hasn’t been cancelled Director Paul Feig (Signed on for 2 sequels) has said that “at this point a direct sequel is unlikely”

You might be thinking, well, what if they make the sequel better, they are bringing in Tommy this time around. Lord Z could pop up. Shit, we could even get more of the original cast back? All valid points… Well, until you look at Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Paramount tried to fix all the problems from the first film, they listened to the fans, they brought in Bebop, Rocksteady and even Casey Jones and from all the trailers the film looked hella fun and for the most part it was, but still no one turned out for the 4 heroes in a half shell and now that franchise is also dead.

So where does this leave us? Well, when a franchise makes no money and critics rate it poorly it shows the producers and distributors one thing. No one cares. So you might have heard it here first but as of right now the Power Rangers franchise is heading to the morgue.

Get out your Power Crystals and raise them high.