Could ‘Passengers’ Be A Better Movie If It Were Rearranged?

If last year’s highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Passengers left a dirty taste in your mouth, like licking the floor a dated cinema might, you could be interested to know that with a few nifty edits the film could end up an intriguing and frightening look into the human psyche. YouTuber “NerdWriter1” has done just that. He has torn apart a once mediocre film and twisted it in a way that might have left you wanting more rather than wanting a refund.

Check out the above video Passengers, Rearranged

I for one didn’t love Passengers, but I did like some of the ideas that were scattered throughout. While altogether it didn’t make a good film, it did leave you questioning if and how it could have been better. I love the way that NerdWriter1 has made Jennifer Lawrence‘s character the protagonist and Chris Pratt the antagonist. It makes perfect sense, we shouldn’t root for a character that is ruining lives!

It’s recuts like this that makes me wish that copyright was a little more open. I would love to have seen Topher Grace’s recut of the Star Wars Prequels and I would happily watch the full version of Passengers, Rearranged.

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