Neill Blomkamp Returns With Intriguing Creature Feature Teaser

Remember Neill Blomkamp? He’s the guy who thrust Sci-Fi monster movies back into the mainstream and back into the awards categories with his 2009 debut District 9. It hasn’t all been plain sailing since then, however. Elysium was a money-spinner but widely recognised as a huge step down from his first movie and Chappie was even more so lukewarm questions arose over whether Blomkamp was a one-hit wonder. He was famously attached to an Aliens sequel starring the series stalwart Sigourney Weaver, but that evaporated in line with Chappie‘s poor box office receipts and Ridley Scott‘s newfound desire to revisit the xenomorph once again.

So it’s been a quiet couple of years for the enigmatic South African as big Studio films have taken a backseat in favour of an independent venture, now revealed as Oat Studios in liaison with games developer’s Steam (Half-Life 2, bro).  To generalise the concept extremely quickly, Blomkamp plans to offer a tantalising dish for free on YouTube and then you can decide whether to buy the whole three courses as a feature length production on Steam.

We pride ourselves on authenticity here at So Is It Any Good, and I must say my interest barely peaked above “Meh” in this teaser, but aye, I will give any Sci-Fi creature feature a fair shot, and with Sigourney Weaver and Sharlto Copley lending some acting credibility, this is one to keep any eye out for.

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