Movie Mixtape: Songs That Kick Ass

Every good ass kicking needs an excellent soundtrack to really help the punches land correctly, but for the most part pairing an action sequence with the exact right song is an art form that few directors ever even attempt, let alone master. With the release of Atomic Blonde and it’s George Michael-featuring apartment fight scene (see below for that to make sense), we’ve gathered together a list of cracking tunes that have been used so well in other scenes of movie mayhem.

Kicking someone’s ass means many different things to different characters, so far from just angry rock tracks, this list runs the gamut between the knock down drag out fights and pounding soundtracks in Rocky and Shrek, to a slice of solid comedic gold from Shaun Of The Dead, and more sinister and one-sided fights from Reservoir Dogs and American Psycho. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll never hear Huey Lewis the same way again. So press play on another Movie Mixtape below and resist the urge to punch something.

Check out the playlist below:



Father Figure – George Michael (Atomic Blonde – 2017)

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen (Shaun Of The Dead – 2004)

Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel (Reservoir Dogs – 2016)–Nj50

Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor (Rocky III – 1982)

Hip To Be Square – Huey Lewis & The News (American Psycho – 2000)

Bad Reputation – Half Cocked (Shrek – 2001)

Express Yourself – Charles Watts & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (Mr & Mrs Smith – 2005)

Firestarter – The Prodigy (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – 2003)

The Diva Dance – Eric Serra (The Fifth Element – 1997)

You’re The Best – Joe Esposito (The Karate Kid – 1984)


That about does it for another spin of Movie Mixtape. Which soundtrack gets your blood pumping? Did I miss any classics? Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook page.