Marvel Is Set To Rocket Ahead In Phase 4

Marvel has built an amazing movie universe full of colourful characters over the past decade. One of the standout groups is that ragtag bunch of nobodies who have grown to have a huge fan base, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Having two stand alone films so far, and with the announcement of a third film, the Guardians have never been more popular thanks to the likes of Chris Pratt‘s Star Lord and Vin Diesel‘s Groot.GOTG2RacoonWhile each group member has had their moment in the sun, the character back stories have really only been mentioned in exposition. That is all set to change for one character. Cinemablend reports that director James Gunn plans on exploring Rocket Racoon‘s origins in an upcoming movie, noting that his origin may be a bit more horrible and tragic than what readers may be familiar with in the comics. In the comics, Rocket is an alien animal who was given intelligence by sentient robots to help treat humanoids in an insane clinic on a planet in the Keystone System.RocketRaccoon_post_master“As you know, the MCU is one way of processing these characters. 616 is a different one. We are going to learn more about where Rocket comes from in the coming sagas. It’s going to be a little different from the comics. We already know a lot about from where he came from. It’s a little bit more horrible than what it is in the comics when you come down to it. We will learn more about that.” James Gunn stated during his panel at HasCon, Hasbro’s version of Comic-Con.

Gunn also noted that Phase 4 is going to continue to build on the cosmic element of the MCU, with Rocket’s origin being a big part of those stories. In the MCU it has been teased that Rocket has undergone countless experiments, with the raccoon himself alluding to being stripped apart and being put back together time and time again as a cybernetic experiment. Many have criticised Marvel for being too light hearted, a tragic tale about Rocket could easily make some fans take the Guardians a bit more seriously. Rocket Racoon, along with the rest of the Guardians, is set to appear in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War with Bradley Cooper reprising the role.

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