Take a seat, strap in and get ready for the biggest roller coaster you’re likely to ride on this year. So, is it anygood?


Not seen on the screen for 30 years the Mad Max franchise is looking to reboot with some fresh faces like Tom Hardy taking over the titular role of Max and Charlize Theron riding shotgun with Furiosa. This sorta sequel takes places in the apocalyptic wasteland a desert like city filled with crazy petrol driven humans and over sized amazing yet slightly ridiculous V8 cars and trucks.


Fury Road is basically a simple road movie getting from point a to b with a few hiccups on the way but its the execution that Director George Miller gives Mad Max: Fury Road that sets it apart from the rest and bloody heck does it set it apart. Never have my eyes shed so much tears of joy. From the first frame to the last frame you’ll be mind blown in the action that they have achieved.

Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and a metal head strapped to a moving wall of speakers rocking out on a flame throwing electric guitar. how could you not want to see this.


If there was word to describe this movie it would be unbelievable.  But that’s just it every stunt and every explosion is real, it was shot, not added later by the hands of a PC user. Miller wanted to bring back the old blockbuster, like Jaws or the original Star Wars Trilogy, before we had CGI.

If you are looking to see a big action flick and don’t want to see a superhero flick check the crazy world of Mad Max: Fury Road