Johnny Depp Disappears Into The Invisible Man

Johnny Depp is set to take on his most challenging and unseen role to date, as The Invisible Man for Universal Pictures. This is the next picture in Universal’s efforts to create a new Monsters Universe based on their extensive old-school horror library, and follows the recent news of Tom Cruise signing on to battle a new Mummy.

Depp is known lately for.. ahem… disappearing into his roles, and also taking on quirky characters in big budget features (see Pirates Of The Caribbean and Alice In Wonderland), so this would seem right up his alley. Expect him to tear into the mad scientist role with scenery chewing relish. Done right, this could potentially make buckets of cash, and add yet another franchise to Depp’s repertoire.johnny depp invisible manThe first appearance on screen of The Invisible Man was in the 1933 adaptation, starring Claude Rains as a scientist who finds a way to become invisible but loses his mind in the process. That film was directed by the legendary James Whale, who also directed Universal’s other big monster flicks of the time, Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Big shoes to fill there for whomever takes this one on.

Alex Kurtzman (director of the new Mummy) and Chris Morgan (writer of the Fast & Furious franchise) have been hashing out the Monsters Universe in a writers room setup, trying to break stories for all the existing properties including FrankensteinThe Wolfman, and now The Invisible Man. There’s no details yet on who is scripting or directing this pic, or even what the timing for production or release is, but with Depp on board now, expect things to ramp up from here.

So far things are looking good for this new Monsters Universe, and with this latest news Universal has managed something even Marvel Studios might envy: they’ve landed two of the biggest stars in the world. Now they just need the great movies to back up their potential.

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