Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen

‘Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen’ Nabs Distributor

For many years we were teased at the possibility of a third Hellboy film, with Guillermo Del Toro returning to the directing chair and everyone’s favourite Son’s of Anarchy antagonist Ron Perlman returning in the perfectly cast title role.

Those hopes were recently dashed, however, with the news that horror director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) will be rebooting the franchise with Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen. The role of Hellboy is now being played by actor David Harbour (you may better know him as small town lawman Sheriff Hopper from Stranger Things), who if we’re being honest, really isn’t a bad choice to replace Ron Perlman at all.So we may not be getting a third movie, but the good news is that the new reboot of Hellboy might have found a distributor with Lionsgate. Hellboy has had a rocky road when it comes to distribution in the past, Del Toro’s first Hellboy film was distributed through Columbia Pictures, Hellboy II: The Golden Army was distributed by Universal Pictures.

David Harbour has said that the new Hellboy will be darker, and Marshall has also stated he is going for an R-rating. Lionsgate has a history of releasing these kinds of genre pics and horror films, so I am definitely partial to the idea of Lionsgate distributing Hellboy, we would definitely be getting something in tune with the Big Red we all know and love.HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN is filming later this year for a release in 2018.