So, Is It Any Good’s 2017 Movie Challenge

I’m always browsing Netflix trying to find the perfect movie to watch, but with so much selection it’s hard to narrow it down. To start off the New Year, we at SIIAG wanted to give our readers a Movie Challenge where you can watch a movie a week for 52 weeks that you have hopefully never seen, or rewatch some of the biggest films ever made.

We tried to keep the list a diverse as possible and make each week fun. We’ll be playing along too, so If you do the challenge let us know by using the hashtag #SIIAGMovieChallenge or comment below. Now on with the challenge!

You can download a PDF of the list here, or just keep coming back here to follow!

  1. A movie from the 1960’s
  2. A movie based on a TV series
  3. A movie based on a True Story
  4. A movie set in your Home Town or State
  5. A movie from the year you were born
  6. A Silent movie (YouTube is good for finding these)
  7. A live-action Disney movie from before the 90’s
  8. A Romantic Comedy
  9. A period movie that’s based on a true story
  10. A High School movie
  11. Schindler’s List
  12. A horror movie that’s labeled as “The Scariest Film Of All Time”
  13. A Musical
  14. A ‘Best Actress’ Oscar-winning movie
  15. A Tom Cruise movie
  16. A ‘Best Original Screenplay’ Oscar-winning movie
  17. A 70s Slasher-Horror
  18. A black & white movie
  19. An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that isn’t an Action film
  20. A ‘Best Director’ Oscar-winning movie
  21. A Bill Murray movie
  22. A Documentary
  23. An Action movie with a female lead
  24. A Buddy-Cop movie
  25. A Steven Spielberg film that isn’t a Sci-Fi or Family film
  26. A movie directed by a female director
  27. An Animated Disney movie that isn’t a Princess story
  28. A movie set in a different Country
  29. A Horror that’s based on a True Story
  30. 12 Angry Men
  31. A Superhero movie that doesn’t star a DC or Marvel Superhero
  32. A Supernatural Horror
  33. A 70’s Horror Movie
  34. A Period Movie
  35. A movie that became a TV Series
  36. A movie produced by the Studio ‘The Asylum’
  37. Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas (this looks awful and is rated lowest on IMDB, we’ll be there watching it with you)
  38. A War movie not set in WWII
  39. A movie that you have been told to watch but haven’t
  40. Plan 9 From Outer Space (rated the Worst Film of All Time)
  41. A movie that isn’t in your native language
  42. A movie with a wedding
  43. The Godfather
  44. A movie that doesn’t star a human in the lead
  45. A movie from the 1970’s
  46. A ‘Best Picture’ Oscar-winning movie
  47. A movie based on a graphic novel
  48. A movie based on a kids toy
  49. A movie with horrible reviews
  50. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  51. An 80’s Comedy
  52. A Star Wars movie (if you haven’t seen any we suggest ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’)

We hope you enjoy watching the movies. Let us know how you go in the comments below or by using the hashtag #SIIAGMovieChallenge!