So Good News: Baby Driver 2, Spider-Man Sequels, Deadpool 2

The world of movie news moves at lightspeed some days, so it’s hard to keep up with everything (even for those of us that run an entertainment website). So welcome to today’s news briefing here at So, Is It Any Good? where we round up the breaking stories you might have missed.

Baby Driver 2?

After the success of Baby Driver which currently has a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Edgar Wright has said that Sony has approached him about possibly doing a sequel. Wright has not made a direct sequel to any of his films but has said that Baby Driver may be the possible exception:

“The studio have asked me to think about writing a sequel and it is one of the ones that I might do a sequel to because I think there’s somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters. Baby has got to a new place.”

Marvel’s 5 movie Spidey Plan

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has stated that the current plans for Spider-man are a 5 movie storyline within the MCU, this includes crossovers with The Avengers. Kevin Feige said to the Toronto Sun:

“We are looking at a five-movie storyline — Civil War, Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, untitled Avengers, Homecoming 2 — or whatever we end up calling it — as an amazing five-story journey for Peter Parker. In the way that the events of Civil War directly inform the opening of Homecoming and his state of mind as he goes back to high school, so too will the events of the next two Avengers movies as he continues with high school. This original 22-movie arc ends with the untitled Avengers in May of 2019 and then two months later it will be Peter and Spider-Man that usher us into the aftermath and how things proceed from there.”

This is kind of a big deal, as Sony owns the rights to the Spider-man character, so it good to see an agreement between Marvel and Sony for the sake of fans of the web-slinger.

Origins Of Terror

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a film with plenty of unnecessary sequels and remakes, and now adding to the trend is Leatherface, a prequel to the Tobe Hooper classic horror film. On September 21st of this year, Leatherface will be available on DirecTV, there are also plans for Leatherface to get a limited theatrical run and VOD release through Lionsgate on October 20th. The film will be rated R. 

The Bigger The Better

Christopher Nolan is one of those directors that we already talk about with the same kind of respect as we do Tarantino, Scorcese, and Hitchcock, he already has everyone eager with anticipation to see his latest film Dunkirk, which will be released later this month and if that isn’t enough, if you’re a cinephile there will be theatres showing the film in 70mm large format.

While this isn’t anything new, Quentin Tarantino had select theaters run The Hateful Eight in 70mm, it was more common in the past with noteworthy films like David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia being shot in 70mm. It’s just awesome because there is no digital platform that can replicate the high resolution of 70mm celluloid, so if you want to enjoy Dunkirk the way Nolan intended, check your local theaters and try and find a 70mm screening.

Julian Dennison Joins Deadpool

Everyone knows Ryan Reynolds, everyone knows Deadpool, everyone knows that Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Recently Ryan Reynolds announced through Instagram that the hilarious Julian Dennison from Hunt for the Wilderpeople has been cast in Deadpool 2. If you have not seen Wilderpeople, it is a critically acclaimed New Zealand comedy-drama film written and directed by Taika Waititi. Taika went on to direct the much-anticipated Thor: Ragnarok. It is good to see both Taika and Julian gain so much attention and success internationally.

Ryan Gosling As Willy Wonka?

Yep, you read that right, Warner Bros are apparently eyeing off Ryan Gosling (who is interested) for a prequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’m not sure how much truth there is to it, based on other articles they seem to be using vague language such as “a source” that really isn’t too reliable, but it also isn’t entirely impossible either. So it will be interesting to see what happens. I am of the opinion that after the Tim Burton film, perhaps Warner Bros should just leave it alone, and you know, do something daring like make an original film.

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