When I think Thriller as a movie genre, I think of a schlocky, made-for-TV piece of crap starring two or three of the lesser Baldwin brothers. I know I’ll get a car chase. I know I’ll get some tinny-sounding explosions. I know I won’t be thrilled.

Gone Girl changed all that.

Directed by David Fincher (The Social Network), Gone Girl is a brilliantly unfolding storyline of a small-town disappearance that raises more questions than answers. While star-power is provided in Ben Affleck, he is dopey and unassuming enough to represent a realistic middle-American dude wearing a St Louis Cardinals t-shirt in more scenes than necessary. The changing tense and narrative in the storyline allows the Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike, to deliver an enthralling and unexpected performance.

The power of the movie is in the story. If you are planning to see this movie AVOID SPOILERS. The pacing of the film’s slow revealing storyline ensures it is a bonafide thriller that will intrigue. Don’t cheat yourself out of a fantastic story that is executed with cinematic class.

So it is any good?


Go to your local cinema, set aside a few hours (it is bloody long) and enjoy the best thriller I have seen.

In fact, before you see the movie, take a few minutes to learn how the director creates restraint, interest and character development in dialogue. He is a master, and Gone Girl takes it to another level.