Everyone loves a good set of lungs and what better way to spend your Friday night then admiring a good set…. The below in no particular order are just my personal favourites. They are not all “Final Girls’ but they are the ladies that these horror movies would be nothing without.


Jamie Lee Curtis

Thoroughbred horror actress Jamie Lee Curtis, born to Hollywood heavy hitters Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, was always going to be on this list. Making her big screen debut as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s slasher master piece Halloween, Jamie Lee is the original Scream Queen. That’s not debatable, it’s a fact, and she is a clear favourite of most horror fanboys. She returned to the horror genre 2 years later in 1980 with starring roles in slasher Prom Night, and along side her Mum for John Carpenter again in The Fog.halloween_jamie-lee-curtis1


Dee Wallace

Nothing ever goes right for Dee Wallace, often being terrorized by some evil creature or person. Cannibal crazies in The Hills Have Eyes (1977), a rabid dog in Cujo (1983), and a pack of werewolves in The Howling (1981). Pretty and blonde, it’s not hard to see why she got such a cult following fast. Unlike most of her scream queen counterparts, Wallace did not fall prey to the horror typecasting curse. With over 90 credits to her name, she played a range of roles including the suburban house wife and caring mother.hillseyes2


Linnea Quigley

Talking about typecasting, Linnea Quigley is a staple of horror movies with over 140 credits to her name, and 7 appearances in upcoming movies in the next two years. Quigley is famous for some particular assets which are on display in most of her earlier titles, but she is probably best known for her role as Trash in The Return Of The Living Dead (1985).DH8K9X4W0AQDF8e


Danielle Harris

From one generation of Halloween to another, Danielle Harris is the scream queen of a new generation. There were lots of things wrong with Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) but casting Debbie Thornberry was not one of them. From Halloween to Hatchet, Harris is a franchise actress in the making and is a modern cult favourite.danielle-harris


Heather Langenkamp

My personal favourite is never on any list but Heather Langenkamp stole A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), which is saying a lot with how fantastic Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger is. With only just over 30 credits to her name, Langenkamp never took off as the horror icon like the other actresses on my list, however, Nancy Thompson’s bravery, resilience, and scrappiness made her the perfect scream queen and Final Girl.nightmare84elmstreet1933

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