Vinnie and the boys are back for another trip through Hollywood.

So, is it any good?YES

Being a show I have loved for many years, I was excited but concerned at the same time going in to this film. It worked great as a TV show, but would it work as a movie? From the first trailer, it was clear what we could expect…more of the same.

maxresdefault (2)

The movie follows on several months after the original series ends. Ari is back in hollywood, and Vince is starting a new movie, one that will also be his directorial debut, and the film has to be a success or everyone’s career will be over. It’s the same formula used throughout the series, that gave tension and helped us invest in their lives and kept us watching for 8 seasons.

Unfortunately, it does not translate as well in a movie setting. Any entourage fan will love the movie, no doubt, but I left the theatre underwhelmed. It felt unfinished, even rushed at times. They didn’t have enough time to develop everyone’s story. Squeezing what would be a whole season in to 1 hour and 45 minutes left it rather empty and missing a lot of the charm of the original series. There are, however, more cameos than you could imagine, the camaraderie is as good as its ever been, and we have some more Ari Gold to quotes for the next few years.


With all its flaws, I’m still giving this a YES, and of course, being Hollywood, there is already talks of a sequel, even a proposed trilogy by Doug Ellin, the creator/director (as long as this film makes money)

So, if you loved the show, you will definitely enjoy this. If you Haven’t seen the show…what are you doing?! But definitely watch that before seeing this movie.