10 Directors That Should Take On The Next Bond Pic

Daniel Craig is all but a certainty to return to the character he seemingly loathes. Rumours are now swirling over who could direct the next James Bond pic with the frontrunner being Yann Demange who directed the British war drama ‘71. Also being considered by EON are directors Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Arrival) and David MacKenzie (Hell Or High Water). There is no doubt that any of these visionaries can make an excellent Bond, but did EON miss some people? Here is a list of who I think could make the next James Bond.

Sam Mendes

sam-mendesIn the world of Bond, you only live twice, but this director should have one last try at the super spy. Mendes hit a ditch with the most recent entry Spectre, but it ‘d be good if the story arc for Bond were ended by the director who radically altered his trajectory. Mendes made the classic Bond work in a grounded universe. Despite the mediocrity of Spectre, Bond deserves this tremendous visionary who made Road To Perdition and Skyfall. Unfortunately, there may be too much bad blood for this to happen.

David Mackenzie
David MacKenzie

Hell Or High Water was an incredible movie that was praised at the Cannes Film Festival and nominated for four Oscars. Like Mendes, Mackenzie creates an atmosphere in his films that oozes attitude and strength from his characters. Although his last film was a neo-western, imagine what style this director could bring! Maybe neo-noir or a Bond with a Western edge? Whatever he would choose this director needs at some point to direct Bond. Plus, he’s Scottish. We know how Scots do with Bond!

Denis Villeneuve

This director has been consistent in pushing the boundaries of genre films and incredibly diverse in his storytelling. Unlike Yann Demange, Villeneuve has a proven box office record. That is not to say Demange is unsuitable, but EON seems to desire the big bucks. Villeneuve managed over $200 million with Arrival and Sicario was a critical darling. Not only that but the hype for this director may reach gigantic proportions if Blade Runner 2049 proves a critical and commercial success.  Whether it’s a slow deliberate pace or hyper intense action, the next Bond would be blessed with him in the chair.

Alfonso Cuarón

This Oscar-winning director has been responsible for such classics as Children Of Men and Gravity. Cuarón is excellent at delivering emotional journeys for characters that transform them into a bigger hero. Bond is one of the biggest heroes in cinema and with Skyfall, it felt like he could shoot through the stratosphere. With 007 free of his shadow in the form of Spectre what could be done? This director could find something unique and even give a culturally unique tale if he desired.

Miguel Sapochnik
Miguel Sapochnik accepts the award for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Not a famous name unlike most of the directors on this list, however, his work on television is exemplary. With such heavy weights as Banshee, House and the second season of True Detective on his filmography. What we should all remember him for are three outstanding episodes of Game Of Thrones: Hardhome, The Battle Of The Bastards and The Winds Of Winter. With Bond now having a heavyweight budget who better than a director who delivered some of the most revered Game Of Thrones episodes? Dripping with large scale action and intimate drama Sapochink could create a dizzying spy or noir film with 007. Working against him is his first major film, Repo Men…the less said the better.

Katheryn Bigelow

This director and the next on the list are unlikely, but just think of the possibilities! Point Break stands as a classic heist film that is pure adrenaline. In the era of big budget blockbusters, this could give EON’s series the energy that many felt lacking in the last effort. Bigelow creates classics, she has been behind Near Dark, K-19, and The Hurt Locker. Zero Dark Thirty shows she can bring us to the edge of darkness and back. Daniel Craig could easily be directed to his best performance for James since Casino Royale. This franchise needs Bigelow.

Danny Boyle

steve-jobs-danny-boyle-2462-d025-00023-rv2-crop-2It would be a stretch for this to happen but considering the calibre of film-making Boyle brings to the table, but it would be incredible. No other director has the style or idiosyncrasies this man has. It’s hard to imagine Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire have all been directed by the same man. Mendes would have seemed unlikely for Mr. Bond after American Beauty, but Boyle with a regular collaborator Alex Garland on scripting duties could make a radical classic.

Shane Black

If you haven’t seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, please slap yourself and then buy it. The name of that film is a nickname for James Bond and a love letter to pulp noir, the genre of books Bond came from. Iron Man 3 was a commercial success but detested by comic fan boys. The Nice Guys was an excellent film but much like KKBB, it was a box office dud. Being American, there may be hesitancy in letting him take over this most British of franchises, but considering his niche is noir, 007 could use a return to his roots.

Justin Lin

Believe it or not, Justin Lin is an excellent film maker. True Detective Season 2 had its best episodes directed by this man. Even though it’s a despised season, Lin delivered some excellent noir and big names. Lin made the Fast And Furious franchise a box office behemoth, and considering how many jaded Trekkers fans praised Star Trek: BeyondLin would be a wonder in the director’s chair.

Bong Joon-Ho

Sometimes you save the best for last. This director was responsible for Snowpiercer and the new critical darling for Netflix Okja. Both films are the ultimate example of imagination in storytelling. Yes, they are science fiction but imagine what this mind could conceive for everyone’s favourite spy. Snowpiercer is the most expensive Korean production, and it was also one of the most decorated and talked about films of 2014. Unfortunately, the rest of his filmography is not as well known to the west. A director from a different part of the world can find a whole new tale that Bond has never experienced.

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