Quentin Tarantino Wants To Take On ‘Star Trek’… And He Totally Should

So take this with a grain of salt, ok guys? This next piece of “news” comes from the not-so-reliable TMZ, but it is about Quentin Tarantino directing rumours and we all like those! These things tend to come up whenever a big franchise is in a bit of flux, and it’s only natural that a big director like Tarantino is thought of for every property under the sun.


So what’s the lowdown here? Tarantino was approached by TMZ during a time when most people wouldn’t want to say two words to anyone, let alone have a conversation – rushing to catch a flight at the airport. Showing more grace than most, however, the legendary director was asked point blank whether we would take on the Star Trek franchise if it was offered and didn’t just give a fob off answer. While he didn’t say yes, he did say, “It’d be worth having a meeting about” before confirming that he is only going to do two more films before he retires.star-trek-beyond-ff_justinlin-kirk_2-1200x798It’s not a lot to go on sure, but even just the tantalizing option of having Tarantino direct such a big budget franchise like Trek is enough to set tongues wagging. If anyone is going to redefine what the Star Trek franchise is, Quentin is definitely your man. The guy has a very specific voice, and taking on the multitude of interesting characters in the Star Trek universe would make for some interesting viewing for sure! The only question would be whether the director known for his colourful language and over the top violence would be content playing in the safer sandbox that would be required by Paramount. Currently, the franchise is in a bit of a holding pattern, even though JJ Abrams has announced that they want to bring back Chris Hemsworth as Chris Pine’s father. They seemingly have a story in place, but nobody seems to know what is happening with it.

The wrench in all this is Tarantino’s stated two films left thing which, much like Steven Soderbergh self-imposed retirement, I can’t see sticking for very long. He’s already set what the last two pics will be, a third Kill Bill chapter, and the Untitled Manson Family Project that got everyone so excited earlier this year. After that, who knows…