Ok, so normally I hate small indy games. Give me a big named FPS or MMO any day of the week. I came across this game while watching a stream of Sodapoppin (best known for streaming World of Warcraft) and it sort of grabbed me straight away. So, is it any good?


Can I change it to Hell Yeah? Cause it’s mad.

Cat Goes Fishing is a small arcade puzzle game based around (you guessed it) a cat that fishes. The idea is to catch fish which is a ground breaking concept in this type of game. Each fish is given a certain monetary value and you can sell them to upgrade your rods, buy rod enhancements and even buy a boat when the time comes. There’s different size fish to catch as well – small, medium, large, and huge. Each time you want to catch a larger fish you need to use a smaller fish as bait e.g. catch a small fish and cast that back in as bait for medium fish, then cast the medium fish back in as bait for larger fish etc.


The game involves quests to catch certain types of fish or cast a certain distance and also has a leveling system to provide unlocks down the track. The game is surprisingly complex despite the simplified graphics. You’ll soon start to learn you need to use some sweet dodging skills to avoid certain fish to get tot the bigger ones.  The first time I loaded it up with the intention of simply seeing how the game worked had me hooked (LOL FISHING JOKE). I ended up playing for over an hour without realising. There’s a lot more to the game including catching fishing hats which give bonuses in the game, and getting to the dark depths to catch badass fish.


Once you start playing it, it’ll be easy to see why the Steam community greenlit the game. For only $5 on steam, I really don’t think it’s a tough decision to make.