In a highly unorthodox move by a major film studio, Warner Bros have released a short deleted scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice less than a week after the films global cinema release.


The scene in question appears to take place moments after we witness Lex Luthor frankenstein his Doomsday creation from inside General Zod’s crashed ship. The word on the web is that the mysterious Alien character glimpsed in the scene could be Steppenwolf, which fans of the comics will know as a general to Darkseid (the DC equivalent to Marvel’s Thanos). Others have claimed this is in fact Yuga Khan, father to Darkseid in the comics and potentially the chief villain in the first of the Justice League films. As for those objects he’s holding in the scene? Many have theorised that these are the Mother Boxes, which also have significance for the Darkseid storyline.wutnzyaqw9wnzwvnk4k2

When it comes down to it, this is just extra table setting for future DC outings that the film really didn’t need more of, so you can totally understand why it was cut from the theatrical release to avoid further confusion for audiences. Its just one of a reported thirty extra minutes that will be recut into Zack Snyder’s R-rated director’s cut of the film, to feature on the impending Ultimate Edition Blu Ray.

bvsamazonbatmanbrdbvsamazonsupermanbrdIts a smart move on the part of Warner Bros to drip feed fans scenes like this one, as it keeps the conversation going beyond that first week and hopefully prevents their success dying off too soon. It will be interesting to see what other scenes Snyder has in store for us in his extended cut, and whether this longer version of the film will play better than the one we saw in cinemas. Although sadly for the director, I don’t think it’ll push that Rotten Tomatoes rating up any time soon, which is currently sitting at a woeful 29%. Ouch!

So what do you think? Does this exorcised scene belong on the cutting room floor, or would the film have benefitted from its inclusion? Get involved in the conversation below.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN THE JUSTICE is currently in cinemas everywhere

The Ultimate Edition Blu Ray and DVD will arrive in Autralian stores from July 27