Welcome back for more movie related art, this time we’re heading to the streets with artist and fellow Brit, ‘JPS’.  Some say that to be a great artist you need an interesting backstory and JPS (aka Jamie), has that in spades.  He was living rough until one fateful trip to a Banksy exhibit turned everything around:

“Five and a half years ago, I was homeless from drink and drugs, two of my friends were murdered when I was 19 and I went down a bad path.  My life was in the gutter and it’s been a long journey out of it. But I feel like my mind has come back.” jps-pinhead-and-freddyHis work has featured in the Tate Modern and in a Hyundai commercial.  If you’d like to see more, visit his site here.  Below is a selection of his film themed work, I love the Hannibal Lector wheelie bin, I’m thinking about trickin’ mine out on the weekend.  So you decide… is it art or a public menace?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below: