Texan Illustrator Cuyler Smith has created a collection of trading cards for movie sports stars.  Most of the big hitters are here, Drago, Danny LaRusso, Ray Finkle, Bill Murray, Shooter McGavin and even Smalls.

My knowledge of American Sports memorabilia is pretty much limited to their appearances in TV shows and movies. Growing up in England I was more into trading Garbage Pail Kids and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (they replaced the ‘Ninja’ as it was deemed too violent).  Even with my limited knowledge of sports these cards all look really authentic. It’s great how he’s managed to match the look and style of the card to the period the film was made.  The flip side of the card offers enough in-jokes and references to each movie to keep most film nerds happy – “Be the ball.  Na-Na-Na-Na…”.

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