5 Movies Being Made into Shows That We’re Actually Looking Forward To

We recently reported that dystopian flop, Divergent, will be given a TV make-over after a fourth movie was ditched due to bad Box Office results. Practically in the same week, Sony confirmed that they are looking into producing The Dark Tower (which has recently been served a critical bashing) as a TV show before it has even hit our cinema screens. Both of these offerings don’t exactly fill me full of confidence.

On the flip side of that coin, fans are enthused to discover that Karl Urban is in talks to reprise his role for Judge Dredd: Mega City One which is currently in development.  With that in mind, it made me think about other series in the works which are either failures in the making or beautiful little buds waiting to blossom. Below is a little list of movies that are being developed as potential TV shows that we can actually get excited about.

The DepartedThe-Departed-LB3-1

Martin Scorsese’s Oscar winning crime drama, which saw two informants planted on both sides of the law, has been picked up by Amazon Studios for development.  Set in present day Chicago, the show will focus on a young cop trying to infiltrate a nefarious Latino gang while, at the same time, the gang has someone on the inside.

The Departed series will be written by Detroit 1-8-7 creator Jason Richman who is also on production duties along with the movie’s producer Graham King; the movie’s executive producer and Vertigo founder Roy Lee.

The information to the release is all pretty much undercover at the moment but we’re hoping an informant will spill the beans soon.

From Hellfromhell_0276

The live action adaption of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s graphic novel, made famous by Johnny Depp and the Hughes Brothers in 2001, is getting a TV remake.  From Hell told the gory story of London’s infamous Jack the Ripper and the clairvoyant investigator obsessed with bringing him down.

The rights to the series have been sold to FX who have hired Children of Men’s David Arata to pen the script with the movie’s producer, Don Murphy, as executive producer.  The project has been in development since 2014 with no new information since but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

The Lost BoysThe-Lost-Boys-Hero

Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars, iZombie) has created a vampire series based on the classic, 1987 comedy horror The Lost Boys. CW picked up the rights to the show which is expected to be given their full attention once The Vampire Diaries closes its coffin for good.

The seven season plan will see a group of vampires live through the decades, with season one beginning in 1967, and explore the true meaning of being immortal.


The 1990, cult classic Tremors is set for a rebooted series on Syfy with Kevin Bacon to reprise his role as Valentine McKee as well as sit on production duties.  Tremors spawned four straight-to-DVD sequels as well as a series by Syfy (then called the Sci-fi Channel), all of which Bacon was not a part of.

This new series will be set 25 years after the 1990 incident on the small town of Perfection in which the giant, graboid worms will attack once again.  The town will look to an ageing, alcoholic Valentine to save them from a sandy doom.

So, when is it out?  At the moment we’re just keeping our ears to the ground.

The Devil’s Advocatedevils_advocatee

NBC have ordered a pilot of the 1997 movie The Devil’s Advocate where the devil himself runs a law firm.  The movie starred Keanu Reeves as a young defence lawyer who joins a huge law firm, only to discover that his boss (Al Pacino) is the devil.

Producers John Wells and Arnold Kopelson are leading the way on this one but, much like From Hell, it has been in development ever since.

So there we have it.  In an industry so cut-throat, it’s difficult to say whether these shows will make it to film or they’re just a fart in the wind.  Either way, I’m hoping they come to fruition. What do you think of these shows?  Are you excited about anything we haven’t mentioned?  Put your thoughts down in the comments section below or on Facebook.