The Claws Are Out In The Final Trailer For X-Men Apocalypse!

I’m finally starting to get a sense of what the movie will be from latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, and it only took four trailers to get there! This one gives more back story, more scope, and more mutant action than you can shake a Cyclops at with a ton of new footage, and a (not-so) surprising appearance from everyone’s favourite animalistic Canadian.

Although it shows us a lot of new stuff, there’s still a bunch of questions that we’ll have to wait until May 27th to answer:

  • Does Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) actually speak in this movie, or just look alternately bewildered and aggressive?
  • Why is Mystique, a character known for being a villain, suddenly the main X-Men do-gooder in this movie? (Apart from utilising one of the biggest stars on the planet).
  • How much of the world will actually be left after Apocalypse gets done with it? Goodbye Opera House…
  • Did Wolverine actually meet Jean Grey back when she was a teenager (and he was a middle aged man), but she forgot somehow?

Wait, what? It’s a good thing Days Of Future Past pretty much reset the series timelines, because that last one is a little creepy with the whole Wolverine – Jean Grey – Cyclops love triangle thing.sophie-turner-tye-sheridan-kodi-smit-mcphee-x-men-apocalypse-01-600×350Fans have known that Jackman would appear as Wolverine in Apocalypse, but this is the first footage we’ve seen of him, and I get the feeling that this’ll be the extent to which he’s featured. This isn’t going to be a Days Of Future Past style lead role. Jackman has appeared in every single X-Men movie apart from Deadpool, and will be finally hanging up the claws after next year’s as-yet-untitled Wolverine threequel.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE unspools on May 27.