Taking a cue from their very own stranded-on-Mars epic The Martian, director Ridley Scott and studio 20th Century Fox have released a series of intimate confessionals from the crew of the Covenant for next month’s seriously hyped Alien: Covenant. If you don’t like the authority or horses, you may take a particular liking to Danny McBride‘s Tennessee, but don’t get too attached, if the footage laced in between Demian Bichir and Billy Crudrup‘s takes are anything to go by; there will be blood. Check ’em out below:


As if that wasn’t enough to wet your tongue, the pioneers at Empire magazine have revealed three brand new never-before-seen images from the film, including this absolute pearl of Prometheus survivor David unleashing hell on an unsuspecting civilisation:

In six days time, Alien devotees around the world will unite to commemorate the pure fucking awesomeness of the franchise. The Alien Day anniversary riffs off of the infamous LV-426 planetoid where the first two movies predominately took place, subsequently earning the date 26.04. So Is It Any Good? will be at an Alien Day screening showcasing Prometheus and Alien back-to-back intertwining some exclusive Alien: Covenant footage, you could be too by clicking the link above and finding a local listing.

Stay frosty for our drool-soaked, blood-stained review of Alien: Covenant in early May.