For years we’ve been hearing about a potential sequel to the 1988 “classic” comedy Twins, which famously starred odd couple Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito; and it now looks like the project is closer to becoming a reality.Schwarnezzegger has said for some time that the film will in fact be called Triplets, and will bring yet another Benedict brother into the mix, in the form of Eddie Murphy. In a recentTh interview with Entertainment Weekly, Arnie (AKA the more genetically gifted twin) had the following to say…

“We are just now working on Triplets. That is on top of the list, for me. Because I’ve been trying to do that for 20 years. Ivan Reitman (the director of Twins) believes in it. Danny DeVito believes in it, who always believed in it, and Eddie Murphy believes in it. It’s going to be terrific! So, we are looking forward to that.”

So there you go, everyones a believer apparently, except perhaps myself. Comedy sequels have asomewhat terrible hit rate in Hollywood, particular ones that follow decades after the original. The only thing that excites me about this project is seeing Eddie Murphy back on our screens, and hopefully not the soft Doctor Doolittle Eddie, I’m talking the foul mouthed, smart ass, 48 Hours Eddie. Make it happen Mr. Reitman.

Triplets is yet to receive an due date, obviously.