Regression – Trailer

Universal has dropped the trailer for Regression, written and directed by Alejandro Amenába, who gave us the erie horror thriller The Others and the brilliant Open Your Eyes.  If he wasn’t behind this movie I may have classed it in the straight to video category as the concept doesn’t seem particularly original.  However he’s known for writing films with great twists that are really well shot and full of suspense.

Alejandro Amenába imparting some nuggets of knowledge on Ethan Hawke

I do love the set up of a detective walking through a murder scene listening back to the victims description of what happened.  It almost has a Rosemary’s Baby feel to it, with shots of creepy cultists leaning over a young woman.  Keep an eye out for a cameo by Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey‘s Grim Reaper.Regression - 1280 × 720My only concern is that Emma Watson always plays Emma Watson (and occasionally Hermione Granger). It will take a lot for me to find her believable in this role, but I hope she can pull it off.

REGRESSION, in cinemas September 2016.