Well Happy New Year to you all and what a cracker of a year of movies we are going to have. From sequels to reboots, to new franchises and old we are counting down what we think are the TOP TEN: MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES FOR 2015. let’s get this ball rolling, starting with 10


Welcome back boys, we missed you. Entourage is what Sex and the City was for girls. Turtle, E, Vince, Drama and the man himself Ari Gold. Check out the trailer below.

ENTOURAGE opens June 19 2015


Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year is ANT-MAN! Wondering who the heck is Ant-Man? Well here’s a quick run down

Biophysicist  Dr. Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) decides to become a superhero after discovering a chemical substance (which he calls Pym Particles) that allows him to alter his size. Armed with a helmet that can control ants, Pym can shrink down to the size of an insect to become the mystery-solving Ant-Man. How ever in this adaptation the lead character will be Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), Lang a thief, who first becomes Ant-Man after stealing Hank Pym’s Ant-Man suit.

No trailer or real synopsis for the film has been released at this time so all information is merely speculation. But there’s no way we cant be excited to see Paul Rudd join the MCU.

Ant-Man-Promo-Art-Features-YellowjacketANT-MAN opens 16 July 2015


Man it was such a shame to lose Paul Walker the way we did, he was on such a roll with the Fast and Furious franchise. While he didn’t get to finish the production his brothers filled in for him to finish certain scenes. This new entry looks set to be more of a revenge thriller rather then straight up action flick. Vin Disel, Dwayne Johnson and  Tyrese Gibson and new comers Jason Statham and Kurt Russell and with veteran horror director James Wan at the helm its no doubt to be a great flick to eat some tasty popcorn to

FURIOUS 7 (probably going to get the titles “Fast and Furious  7” here in AUS) opens April 7 2015


Lock in Chris Columbus and you are already on to a winning movie, the maker of such classics as Home Alone and the first 2 Harry Potter films takes a look at what if Video Games came to life and started attacking our world. Throw in Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage as some aged nerds from the 80’s and you have what could be Adam Sandler’s welcome back to cinema.

This has been making the rounds through the film festivals and people are saying great things. Pixels is based of an award winning short film by artist Patrick Jean. while the trailer still isnt out you can check out the short film its based on below.

PIXELS opens August 2015


This is a tough one to talk about because there is literally no information about who’s joining the cast other then Tom Cruise and Jeremy (fingers in all the pies) Renner but I have loved the heck out of all the other entries bar MI:2. With a release aiming for the holiday season, we should see some stuff popping up shortly

NE3O6kVry9XQ73_1_5MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 opens December 26 2015


Well say what you will about everything that came after T2 but put that aside and set some fresh t800 eyes upon retake on the franchise. Forget what you know, the future and the past has changed. Arnold now sent back to when Sarah Connor was only a child to protect her and raise her to one crazy SOB. With hints of T1 and T2 thrown in this could be a great addition to the franchise, but tred cautiously I would had said that too about Terminator Salvation. Terminator might have been a little further up the ranks of this list but my hatred for Jai Courtney has knocked it down a couple.



While Mel Gibson is off making racist comments George Miller has made a sequel to his franchise Mad Max. and ladies and gentlemen this film looks amazing. It seems like Hollywood hasn’t put there infamous stamp on this colossus and that’s a good thing. I won’t say much else then “Hold on to your potatoes!”.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD opens May 14th 2015


Hot off his success in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has taken the lead in the sequel Jurassic World. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Colin Trevorrow Jurassic World sees the park finally open but low and behold “Strange things are a foot at the Circle K” some one is messing with the DNA of the dinosaurs. check out the sweet trailer below… Still holding on that Pratt is playing a grown up Tim from Jurassic Park.

JURASSIC WORLD hits July 10th 2015


New Avengers movie need we say more.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON opens April 24th 2015


Did you expect anything else.

Man I have been waiting for something new to come out from the Star Wars canon that would allow me to forget what was the prequels. Say what you will about Disney taking the reigns on this juggernaut but they have been doing everything right by the fans, bringing in writters from the best Star Wars film, bringing back the Almighty John Williams to score, Keeping George Lucas in his play pen, keeping the original stars and hiring the right man for the job JJ Abrams it doesn’t get better then this in 2015. If you haven’t watched the trailer , whats wrong with you? Watch it now!

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens December 17th (hopefully my sources are correct but thats 2 days before the USA)





Jennifer Lawrence and the gang are back for the final instalment to the Hunger Games series. Part 1 left us with a taste of the war that’s about to begin in the districts so part 2 is set to blow everything away. It’s been 5 years in the making and the release couldn’t come sooner. No trailer yet

HUNGER GAMES: MOCKING JAY PART 2 opens November 19th 2015


Inside out comes from the greatest minds in animation Pixar, so no doubt it’s going to be great but Inside Out is a unique idea about the feelings and connections we make in our heads that are controlled by the critters in our head. Check out the trailer below

INSIDE OUT opens June 18th 2015


Another Tarantino film set in the West with a massive cast ready to sling some guns. The script was leaked online 2 years ago and director Quentin Tarantino said it would never be made. well never say never right? Well not only is it getting made but Tarantino has locked in some of the biggest names from his movie repertoire, Tim Roth, Sam Jackson, Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen.

Lock me in!

THE HATEFUL EIGHT opens December 2015

Well thats it, and with I’ll leave you with a bit of nostalgia!