Wayne’s World (1992)

Much like Tiny Dancer, this Queen classic is best enjoyed at full volume with a car load full of joyously head banging friends, and we have Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar to thank for that. You’ve got to admire the balls on writer and creator Mike Meyers; to open a film and introduce your characters with a six minute rock opera before the main story has even started. Its hard to think now, but the song very nearly didn’t make it into the movie, with both the director and producer pushing for a Guns N’ Roses track to be used instead. Luckily for us, Meyers threatened to leave the film if the track was changed, and the rest is rock and roll history. Party on indeed.

Thats all folks! What other cinematic sing alongs had you dancing in the aisles? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.



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