With the 88th Academy Awards going down tomorrow, what better time to look back at some of the epic fails the show has provided over the years, with the Top 5 most cringeworthy Oscars moments. These are the moments that captured the public’s attention for all the wrong reasons, the moments you wish would end but for some reason you can’t stop watching. More than anything, they prove that it doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest star on the planet, or if you’re Roberto Benigni, noone is immune to embarrassing themselves on live television. Let’s face it folks, this is the real reason we tune in year after year.

Now on to the countdown!


Snow White performance feat. Rob Lowe

A cringeworthy Ocars countdown isn’t complete without a dodgy musical number, and Rob Lowe’s bizarre opening dedication to Snow White in 1989 is one that is still talked about to this day. Just think of the poor bastards who had to sit through this thing from start to finish before the days of time shift recording! I dare you to watch the whole thing.


James Cameron’s acceptance speech

1998 was the year Titanic completely swept the awards, destroying all opposition and winning a record equalling eleven statues, including one for Best director. Which we could of lived with, if it weren’t for the way in which James Cameron went went about accepting said award. In fairness, the man was clearly chuffed, and with most his fellow peers all winning big on the night, he had a right to be. But despite already having won the audience’s respect, he just couldn’t help borrowing a line from his own film, announcing that he was the “King of the world!!”. No you’re not Jim, you’re really not.


James Franco & Anne Hathaway’s opening monologue

Most members of the viewing public were asking one burning question after the opening of the 2011 ceremony: Was James Franco stoned? But the more important question should of been this: what were the organizers of the Awards smoking when they chose Franco to host in the first place? I’m sure it was a misguided attempt to attract younger viewers to the ceremony, but it’s still baffling to think of a scenario in which this idea didn’t fall flat on its ass. The only saving grace is that Anne Hathaway wasn’t terrible. I guess we can at least be thankful the organizers didn’t let Franco host by himself.


Sally Field – “You really love me!”

There are some people who would claim Sally Field’s second Oscar win in 1985 to be a genuinely moving moment from the then thirty six year old actress…those people would be wrong. From start to finish, her acceptance speech wreaks of self importance, almost to the point of feeling disingenuous. If they handed out Oscars for the most convincing acceptance speech, poor old Sally wouldn’t have even made the nominations list.


TIE: John Travolta VS. Idina Menzel – 2014 & 2015

When it comes to awkward Oscars moments, John Travolta is the king of the cringe. His mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 ceremony has become the stuff of legend, so much so that Idina herself did a follow up joke about it the following year. Only problem is, instead of redeeming himself, J-Voltz managed to further reach new levels of creepy, face touching and all. Resulting in two unforgettable Oscars moments of epic cringe worthiness, that deserve equal placing atop our list.

The only question is, what act of awkwardness will he inflict upon the world this year? Only time (and Twitter) will tell.

That’s all folks! Be sure to let us know what Oscar moments made you cringe in agony in the comments section below. And keep an eye out for our Oscars wrap up, which will drop immediately after tomorrow’s ceremony