Top 10: Movie Scenes Of 2016

Casting your mind back on the year that’s been, it can be hard to remember what films you’ve seen, let alone the memorable scenes contained within. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our personal favourites from the last twelve months, so you can either revisit the cinematic highlights you’ve forgotten, or the ones you’re yet to experience. Some are funny, some just straight up kick ass, but all are worthy of your time.

Now on to the countdown!


Orgy Scene – Sausage Party

The most outrageously ridiculous scene in a ridiculously outrageous film. There were times in Seth Rogen’s animated food flick when the onslaught of crude humour wore a bit thin, but the bat shit crazy scene that makes up the final fifteen minutes had our jaws agape and our stomachs in pain from laughter.


The Acid Vat – 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is a great example of a slow burner, the tension always bubbling away just beneath the surface, as the audience continually reassesses the true nature of John Goodman’s character. Any ambiguity is swiftly put to rest when Howard’s favourite pass time is revealed: Disposing bodies in a giant vat of acid, Breaking Bad-style.


“Sabotage” – Star Trek Beyond

This fun needle drop moment could’ve easily been a “jumping the shark” moment for this new iteration of Trek, but somehow the combination of CG mayhem and angry white boy rap works a treat in this lighter, breezier installment in the series. Best enjoyed at full volume.


“Planetarium” – La La Land

About halfway through Damien Chazelle’s film, the director truly embraces the musicals of yesteryear and transports Mia and Sebastian (Stone and Gosling) across the galaxy as they embrace their love dancing amongst the stars of a planetarium. The sequence is bold and as an audience we’re so engrossed with these two characters that we no longer care that the laws of physics no longer exist. The power of love, man.


Magical Mystery Tour – Doctor Strange

One of the more visually striking moments in cinema this year came from the unlikeliest of places; a big budget blockbuster from a cinematic power house, who made their riskiest move yet with this psychedelic detour for the MCU. Stephen Strange’s trip through the multiverse plays out like a cross between the Star Gate sequence from 2001 and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and contains the kind of eye popping visuals that remind you just how powerful a tool CG can be when used correctly. According to reports, director Scott Derrickson had an even longer version of the scene that would’ve clocked in at seven minutes, now that’s a deleted scene we’d like to see.


First Contact – Arrival

Amidst the plethora of Alien contact films thought cinematic history, Arrival stands strong and proud, choosing to take a more scientific (with 100% less explosions) approach to first contact. The sequence where the scientists first meet the Heptopods is calm and tense at the same time – an exercise in holding your shit together in the name of science.


“Happy Birthday, Ricky Baker” – Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Its hard to pick just one scene from Taika Waititi’s brilliant comedy, as the dry wit of his script delivers a sheep-load of memorable dialogue, but you can’t go past this early scene where “bad egg” Ricky Baker is sung a festive serenade by his new foster parents. According to Sam Neil, the song was largely improvised, which is impressive considering how much of a catchy ear worm this ends up being.


Freeway Scene – Deadpool

When the opening credits are packed full of this many gags, you know you’re in for a fun ride. And nowhere in Deadpool’s running time is this more apparent than in the bloody, brilliant opening freeway scene which introduces the Merc with a Mouth in gloriously un-PC fashion. The scene had already been in the public sphere for some years, an early version famously being leaked years beforehand by Ryan Reynolds himself, but this final version delivered exactly what fans had asked for and then some.


The Final Thirty Minutes – Rogue One

As you may have gathered from our recent Spoiler Talk on the Movie Cast, we liked Rogue One a great deal here at So Is It Any Good, and most of that is due to the glorious final act, which ranks up there with the best action we’ve ever seen in the series. From the moment the Rebels hit the ground on Scarif, you feel like you’re part of a mission with real stakes, where anything could happen and everyone is expendable. And just when you get a chance to catch your breath and wait for the credits to roll, director Gareth Edwards casually serves up one of the coolest, most bad ass moments of the entire saga.


Airport Sequence – Captain America: Civil War

This fifteen minute stretch of popcorn cinema is every fanboys wet dream, and in an age when giant CG spectacles falls flat, it showed that large scale set pieces still have the power to surprise and entertain in equal measure. Its a masterclass in editing and choreography that manages the impossible feat of giving every character their own moment, and packs in more gags than the entirety of DC’s cinematic output thus far. After the Russo Brothers masterful work here, its clear we’re in safe hands for the epic ensemble that will be Avengers: Infinity War.

That’s all folks! What scenes had you cheering in the aisles in 2016? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook.