Brad Bird returns to the mouse house with Tomorrowland, a family friendly adventure film about a mysterious place where the planets best and brightest come together to build a better tomorrow. So, does it compare with other Disney attraction based films? So, will the kids enjoy it? So, is it any good?


…but I might be biased. Tomorrowland is a hard movie for me to review – I’m a diehard Disney Parks fan and so I was sold on this one the moment the announced the title. Tomorrowland isn’t an attraction, but rather a land in Disneyland, so unlike other attraction based films (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean), there isn’t a story that the film needs to stick to, but general ideas which have inspired director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof. With that said, while this movie is fun and entertaining, it won’t be loved by all audiences. It can be slow at times, and I’m curious how it plays to average joe audiences.

George Clooney stars as Frank Walker, a young inventive mind who travels to the 1964 Worlds Fair and is whisked away to Tomorrowland, a secret place where the inventors, painters, artists and engineers can practice their craft without the distractions and issues of the world. His story eventually crosses paths with Britt Robertson’s character, Casey Newton, an equally as inventive and curious girl, as well as  the mysterious young Athena, played by Raffey Cassidy, who travel with Frank to try and re-enter Tomorrowland.


Kids will either be entranced with some of the cool technology on display, or bored with this movie (as the girl in the row behind me proudly told the rest of the theatre). Surprisingly the two female leads, despite their age, outshine even George Clooney. Britt Robertson carries this film, and Raffey Cassidy as Athena is a joy to watch on screen. I really enjoyed the opened 1964 World’s Fair sequence, as well as any of the sequences in the futuristic Tomorrowland – filled with Jetpacks, Hover trains and Rocketships! The script itself isn’t the strongest – the film is slightly slow, and the third act really throws a lot of exposition and a conclusion together really fast, leading to a somewhat rushed ending. Despite this, the film’s message of optimism shines brightly and in a summer of Mad Max, San Andreas, Terminator and Jurassic World, its nice to see some a film that wants to showcase joy, inspiration and JETPACKS in a quest for a better world!

Tomorrowland is in theatres Australia wide!

Check out this Pixar animated video that explains some of history of Tomorrowland. Recommend that you see the film first!