UPDATED: Well that didn’t take long! Looks like we have been doped boys!



Not surprised at all, as I said below too many aspects just didn’t fit. To be fair that is a nice Photoshop


Take this with the largest grain of salt. While prepping Hall H for SDCC 2015 an attendee has captured what appears to be the new titles for the next upcoming Star Wars Anthology films

19336484848_f5b4ec610b_zWhat is most surprising here is the addition of Boba Fett to the Han Solo film announced today, we were under the impression that these were two separate films. There was no mention in any of the comments by the team at LucasFilm to suggest this, the only bit of gas to fuel the fire is Josh Trank congratulating Phil Lord and Chris Miller via Twitter


We know that Trank was directing a Boba Fett movie but did that movie include the scoundrel Han Solo, according to this image it did.

Also of note is Kenobi: The Balance of The Force, is Ewan McGregor making a return to the Star Wars franchise? Only time can tell. As I said take this with a huge grain of salt, the photo contains some aspects of a fake Kenobi while a spin off doesn’t contain the Anthology title at the bottom.

Released today also is the Official Star Wars App for Android and iPhone, you can check out the trailer below.